Monday, March 31, 2008

Woman mauled by 2 cheetahs

(Wanita diserang harimau bintang)

Woman mauled by 2 cheetahs at Florida wildlife sanctuary
WELLINGTON, Fla. -- Wildlife officers are investigating after two cheetahs mauled the owner of a wildlife sanctuary in Florida.
Judy Berens was airlifted to a hospital with 40 puncture wounds, but police say it appears her injuries are not life-threatening.
She was conducting an exhibition with two male cheetahs when one was excited by someone who was bouncing a ball outside. The cheetah ran toward the ball and knocked Berens over. It then began to claw and bite her. At some point, the other cheetah joined in the attack.
The woman was saved by people who ran into the enclosure.


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